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Your practice made perfect.

From attracting new patients to reducing no-shows, DentalTx helps you be the best dentist you can be.

Why do dentists use DentalTx!

Get a Solution customized to your processes.

We customize the software as per the practice requirements to ease the adaption to the technology.

Let the software do the hard job.

DentalTx covers all aspects of clinical and practice management to ease the work load of staff. Don’t let limitation of your current software limit the potential of your practice.

Increased Patient satisfaction

From making an appointment to paying the bill, make the process simplified to ease the toothache!

Expert to Expert consultation/switchover

Simplify the process of patient referrals by few simple clicks.

Ease of Use

Get an interface that is easy to use and adopt by even the non-computer literate staff.

Readily available patient health records

DentalTx enables the dentists to have rapid access to his patient’s dental records. No need for the secretary to waste time finding the patient files. Data is securely hosted for dentist’s access online on phone, tablet or computer.

Make your accountant Happy.

DentalTx integrates accounting software making the end of the year/month/day accounting easy for the accountant.

Training and Support.

With a support team that understands the importance of healthcare informatics, make your software run flawlessly 24/7. Hands on , video and online training is provided for practice staff and dentists.

DentalTx = Practice management + Clinic software

Practice Management

Clinical Management